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Whole school food policy

A Whole School Food Policy is a shared, evolving document for all stakeholders that interact with your school. It expresses a common vision of the ethos, status and role of all aspects of food within your school. It encourages all aspects of food to be brought together, clearly, coherently and consistently. Food in schools includes:

  • The formal curriculum, e.g. subjects (design and technology, science, personal, social and health education, citizenship), equipment and resources, ingredient provision and continuing professional development for staff.
  • Extra curricular activities, e.g. cookery club, school gardens.
  • Participation in national events and initiatives, e.g. National School Fruit Scheme, National Healthy School Standard, Growing Schools, Focus on Food and Sainsbury's Taste of Success.
  • Provision of food at school, e.g. breakfast clubs, tuck shop, school lunch, vending, fluid consumption and use of food as a reward.
  • Consumption of food at school, e.g. eating environment, service style, time, pupils bringing food to schools, packed lunches (including information to parents) and commercial food vans.
  • Events and lettings at school, e.g. school fete.
  • Pastoral care and welfare issues, e.g. behaviour, free school lunches.

The process of developing a policy facilities staff discussion, provides a clear audit of the role and profile of food in any school and engages all staff towards its successful establishment. Arguably, the process is more important than the final document.

Further information... Download the booklet “Establishing a whole school food policy – Bringing together messages about food throughout the whole school day”

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