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In secondary schools at KS3 (11-14 years) food is taught within Design & Technology (D&T) in the majority of schools in England and Wales. In some schools home economics is still the preferred subject for teaching about food, but this is outside of any National Curriculum provision, and so not part of students' statutory entitlement. Food is also part of the KS3 science curriculum and aspects of food, health and diet may be covered as part of PSHE. At KS4 students can opt to take a GSCE course in a D&T subject, of which food proves to be a popular option. For students post-16 they may opt for A Level Food Technology, GNVQ Manufacturing or GNVQ Catering.

The DfES/QCA scheme of work for 11-14 year olds in Design and technology has 14 food projects where the pupils are encouraged to learn how to prepare and cook a range of food items, to handle food safely, to apply healthy eating principles and develop their sensory awareness. Here are some examples

Year 7
  • Salads and soups
    Health experts recommend that we eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. Design and make a new salad or soup.
  • Snacks
    Design a new and appetising filling for a pasty.
  • Sports drink
    Design and make a sports drink high in vitamin C that would appeal to teenagers.
  • Novelties
    Design and make a novelty food gift to be sold in a garden/aquarium centre’s gift shop.

Year 8

  • The right combination
    Develop a meal in which a sauce is combined with other ingredients. eg pasta with a sauce, curry with rice, casseroles with dumplings.
  • Develop a food product range
    Identify a local or famous food product and redevelop it as a different product to extend the product range.
  • Pasta production
    ‘Mama pasta’ has asked you to develop a new range of pasta dishes for the 13- to 19-year-olds.
  • Dedicated to tradition
    Design and make two ranges of authentic meals, using ingredients and processes associated with different countries.

Year 9

  • Specialist diets
    Design and Make a new meal for a person with special dietary needs.
  • Mini-enterprise
    Design and make a simple food product to sell at a craft fair.
  • Bread batch production
    Design a new bread product aimed at young people.
  • Inclusive designing or third age design
    Design and make a product that will appeal to older people.

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